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On The Topic of Ron Paul


As you all know I’m never very science savvy, I’m also not very politically savvy, but I have gotten a little bit better ever since I married my husband.  He’s very much into politics and he keeps me informed, but that doesn’t mean I know EVERY thing about it.  Anyways that’s not the point.

Our candidate for the presidential election is Ron Paul.  Very simply put because he has been voting consistently forever.  I like him because he is fighting to get our country back to the standards of the Constitution.  We are soo far away from where our country needs to be and he has a plan to get us out of other countries business and get our country back on track.  That’s the reason I’m voting for him.

A few days ago the Secular Student Alliance posted a video up on facebook of Ron Paul saying that he doesn’t believe in evolution and called it a ‘theory’.  I do disagree with him on this.  BUT this isn’t going to sway my vote for him.  In the video someone asks him if he believed in evolution and he said he didn’t and then said “that question is inappropriate, and not what this is about” (or something along those lines) I completely agree with him on this!  I am well aware that he belives in a god, but that wont stop me from voting for him.  It’s the fact that he isn’t following the traditional politician path by changing his votes.  He has voted no on things that could actually help him had he voted yes.  He votes No if it’s unconstitutional.

There were a lot of people who commented on the post saying that they liked him at first but now that they know he doesn’t believe in evolution they wont vote for him.  That’s crazy!  You’re really going to NOT vote for someone just because disagree over ONE LITTLE FACT?!  I don’t understand that!  He isn’t running his campaign based on his beliefs!  He’s running his campaign based on the Constitution!

I’m going to stop now because this just makes me mad at people in general for being so closed minded.

Watch the video below but you have to listen hard for the question


On the Topic of Adam and Eve


Evangelicals Question the Existence of Adam and Eve

This is a awesome article the was posted on NPR today.  It’s worth the read!

with the mapping of the human genome, it’s clear that modern humans emerged from other primates as a large population — long before the Genesis time frame of a few thousand years ago. And given the genetic variation of people today, he says scientists can’t get that population size below 10,000 people at any time in our evolutionary history.

Again going back to my sunday school days I thought it was weird that 2 people could have started the whole human population.  One other quote talks about if we really did come from 1 couple then we would have mutated at such a fast rate that we would have mutated out of existence.

I can’t really elaborate any more on this topic because the article did it for me.  The more and more I find these articles where science debunks the biblical stories the more and more I get excited for science.

In the words of Bill Nye the Science Guy “SCIENCE RULES!”

On the Topic of Noah’s Ark


I’ve been thinking about Noah’s Ark a lot lately…

As I was going through Sunday school and we were learning about Noah’s Ark I remember thinking “How is it possible for Noah to fit ALLLLL of the animals in a boat?”  Mind you I was young when I was thinking this.

The more and more I think about these stories the more and more I laugh at all the people that actually believe it.  A few years ago I was taking my Core Humanities classes(required for all students in universities/colleges in Nevada) and we were talking about Gilgamesh and the great flood in that.  The thing that always made me curious was that it was written several thousand years before the bible.  Here is the wikipedia version if your not familar with it…..  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilgamesh_flood_myth

Anyways…Ever since we’ve gotten back from TAM9 we’ve been watching a lot of the history channel.  And for some reason it seems they are talking alot about aliens.  One particular show they were talking about Noah’s Ark.  They were talking about it would be really difficult to get 2 of every single creature onto a Ark.  So what if Noah got the DNA of each creature??  This being a show about aliens they talked about if aliens had come down to earth gave Noah the technology to collect DN of every animal and save the earth that way.  Then once the flood was over the aliens would come back and collect the technology and leave.  I promise I’m not making this up.  I really don’t think this would have happened.

I’ve been talking about this with my coworker and my husband.  I know that there was a great flood.  I highly doubt that if there were humans during that time that they would know what a cubic was or have the tools to make a great ark.  As far as the animals…evolution ‘kicked in’ and had the living creatures adapt to the environment so the fittest could survive.

I love the fact that people will look at these natural phenomena and then create a ‘bedtime’ story and put religious meaning to it.  I think my favorite adaption of Noah’s Ark is the one that includes the dinosaurs being onboard.

I would love to hear what other opinions are to this story.  What other adaptions have you heard of?

P.S. have you heard that someone is building a Ark and making it into a restaurant/amusement park?  True Story.