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There is no such thing as a religious child


The Mr and I are taking a vacation to visit my grandparents up in Hagermen, Idaho.  Its a small little town with less than 1,000 people.  I love this town, but with all small towns its very religious.  My grandparents are religious so we’ve been keeping quite with our own beliefs.  Its a lot better than what i expected.  I was honestly worried that they would pray at every meal and they would ask us to say a prayer and have to deal with that awkward situation.  But there hasnt been any of that.  Anyways this isnt the topic of this post…

On the 8 hour drive up to here we started listening to Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion”. I LOVE this book!  Every single point he brings up makes total sense!  The thing he says about kids is fantastic.  He says kids should not be refered to as ‘a christian/mormon/jew/etc child’ they should be reffered to as ‘a child of christian/jew/etc parents’. Kids are to young to know what religion they choose to be. They should be able to choose what they believe in when they are old enough to understand whats happening.  Religion uses the scare tactic with kids.  It also allows adults to push the “dont you dare question adults/higher being” so a adult tells a child “you are christian and thats what you will be forever”. The child doesnt question and thats it.  If they get older and no longer believe their religion its hard to accept breaking free from what they’ve been brought up in.  No one tells the child “its ok the explore your options.  Its ok the question your beliefs”.

To me this is sad.  When we have kids, we will tell them its ok to believe in something different than what we believe.  It allows the child to become who they want to be.  It gives them the choice.  By not forcing them into a religion allows them to actually be a child and to not grow up to fast.

If our child wants to go to church then we’ll take them.  If they later decide that they do believe in a god then we will support them.  Its just the same thing we would do if they come up and tell they are gay.  We’ll still love and support them.  There are much worse things they could tell us than their religious beliefs or their sexual preferance. 

I do encourage everyone to read The God Delusion wheither they are atheist or religious.  It will make you think about your beliefs.  I doubt anyone who is religious will read this book,but i would hope that they would.


My official Atheist coming out


Ok here we go.  I’m coming out the the facebook world.  I made it all ‘official’ by changing my religious status to Atheist.  So by the rules of internets if you say it on facebook it’s official right?  (lol) And today I really wanted to post something here and publicly announcing the new post on my regular newsfeed as apposed to just posting on the wall of the Reno Freethinkers group page.  (Man it’s really ridiculous how seriously we take facebook.  It’s embarrassing!)  Anyways after some wine here it is….

I’m an Atheist.

Don’t worry I wont bash your religious views just because my beliefs have changed.  And just because I believe something different than your theist views doesn’t mean that I will stop respecting you.  Which in turn I would hope you would still respect me just the same.  I support my friends beliefs even if I don’t believe them myself.

Everyday I keep it hidden the more I feel like it’s eating me away.  This wasn’t a light or fleeting decision.  I’ve thought about this for a while and I didn’t realize it until a few months ago.  So I would ask you to please don’t pray for me or try to convince me that I’m wrong.  I don’t do that to you so please respect that.  I don’t believe in a heaven or a hell so please don’t tell me that I’m doing to hell just because I don’t believe the same thing as you.

I’m no different, I don’t have a desease or koodies, so there is no need to keep away from me.  I wont raise my kids to be devil worshipers (because I don’t believe in the devil) but I will raise them to be intellegent and allow them to make their own decisions as  far as their beliefs.

I know I’ll be nervous as soon as I post this onto my facebook, but I’ll get over it and I’ll feel better.  If you can’t accept my decision and want to try to ‘condemn’ me to hell or tell me I’m wrong then you don’t have to read my blog or you can just ignore me or “defriend me” (oooohhhh nooooo!…please).

Just keep in mind that Atheists want respect just as much as Christians/Jews/spaghetti monster/etcs want respect.

So cheers to you all.  I’m celebrating my out-ness (I know it’s not a real word) by drinking some more wine (or beer) and watching tonights Nightline with James Randi showing that all psychics are fakes.

Here is my official scarlet letter!  I’m damn proud of it!

Is Abraham a Schizophrenic?


The True Story of Abraham and Isaac – Friendly Atheist



This is soooo fantastic!!  The story of Abraham and Isaac is crazy to me.  Why would someone kill their own son just because a voice told them to?  I wouldn’t!  To hear voices telling them to kill someone is called Schizophrenia.

Plus why would a ‘loving’ god make you kill your own flesh and blood just to prove your devotion to it?  That isn’t loving at all!!

In my opinion god is very much bipolar.  He should really get that checked out and get on some medications to mellow out a bit.

If god is a woman, maybe she’s just PMSing and Abraham did something to really piss her off and told him to kill his own son.

Or maybe it was one of those funny dares between good friends of “You wont kill your son right now…” and Abraham was like “haha you wanna bet?  watch this!” and then god yelled down “No I was just kidding!  i didn’t think you would actually do it!  wow dude…”

Again why would a god tell you to kill your own child?  Maybe god just needed a ego boost and needed to be reassured that people loved him so he went to the extreme.

Well whatever his reason was still wont make me believe in him again.

Happy Monday everyone!

To speak or not to speak?


Some one has recently asked the local freethinkers group im apart of to siggest any students to speak about or feelings of redemption for the local university paper.  Me and one other person suggest they talk to the schools secular student aliance.  They then asked if that doesnt work would either me or the other person agree to the interview. 

Im not sure of the other person would do it so im wondering if i should do it.  I am a student at that university  and a member of this student club.  I want to do it but at the same time i dont want to make an ass of myself if i do agree to it.

Coming from a christian background i used to believe in redemption.  But now i dont.  I dont believe it is my responsibility to pay a debt for someone elses sin (such as the original sin).  One of the quotes that has been keeping me strong through this whole process is from Elinore Rosevelt(i think) “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.  I no longer allow anyone or anything make me feel guilty. 

So i dont owe anything to anyone becuase i dont have anything to be gulty about.  Even if i was guilty for something i dont feel like i would need to redeem myself to a higher being.  F that.

I would say something along those lines if i do decide to give this interview.  I think the interview would be conducted via email since he is traveling. 

So out of my readers out there should I or shouldnt I?  Give me your honest opinions.

Thoughts on why I’m slowly coming out as an Atheist


Everyday I think to myself “maybe today I will make this big announcement saying what I am” I play it over and over in my head but then I really start thinking about it and get scared about what others will say.  I’ve been thinking about it so much that last night all of my dreams consisted of me coming out to loved ones.  In those dreams everyone accepted it and was fine with it, some even asked questions.

I really do want to just want to sent out a mass text or post something on facebook or calling my family to tell them.  But I really am scared.  The people who I have told have been fine with it so far.  I want so much for my family to ask me because once I tell them I know I’ll feel better.

When my husband and I were getting ready to go to TAM i told my dad about it and said it was a big skeptics conference.  He thought it would be fun to make jokes like “I’m skeptical it’ll even happen.”  It kind of hurt when he said that even thoughI really hadn’t come to the realization that I was atheist just yet.  My family at least thinks I’m agnostic because I told them I was a few years ago.  they were fine with it.

For the past year I have been a member on a campground board for the church I’ve been a member of my whole life.  a few weeks ago I gave my resignation because I can no longer be part of a board if I no longer believe what they do.  I didn’t tell them the actual reason because I didn’t know how to tell them.  I will be finishing out the year and I might tell them then.  I will eventually give up my membership with the church, but because it has been such a big part of my life I’m scared to do it plus my family is part of this church.

I’ve been posting links to my blog when I post something new on the facebook group Reno Freethinkers and I guess every time I do it shows up on non members news feed.  In a way I hope it’ll show up on my family members feed and they will look at this blog and then ask me what it’s about.  But in a way I hope they don’t see it.

I am scared about coming out to them, but I keep thinking that there could be worse things i could tell them.  I wouldn’t be bashing their beliefs, i’m just choosing to not believe them.

I went to the last Reno Freethinkers meeting and felt comfortable with the group because I’m not the only one going through this transition and I have people to support me and my husband in this.

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my blog it really does help me in my journey whether you’re atheist or believe in a higher being.

Big Think: James Randi on why he came out at age 81 (via skepgineering)


I love love love James Randi! He is such an awesome person who has made an impact on the world just by being open about everything! He has nothing to hide (as far as I know)!

Coming out of the closet (whether it means being gay, or coming out as an atheist or whatever) doesn’t have to be as intimidating as most would think. It really does all depend on how you approach the subject. I do understand that there are some people that will refuse to accept it no matter what or how you tell them. But we are in a changing world and slowly the generations being more and more accepting. You will always have someone that will disapprove of it, but then there are others will will accept it.

One of my best friends is christian and she told me that even though she doesn’t necessarily accept my views as an atheist, she supports me in my decision. And this is the way it should be! I don’t necessarily accept her views either but I will support her in her decision to believe for as long as we are friends (which will be forever).

Anyways back to James Randi…I just love him! Really the reason why I reblogged this is because he’s just such a cool guy! and because he’s a cool guy people love and support him.

Go James Randi!! More

via skepgineering

Rebecca Watson is my Feminist Hero


Rebecca Watson has been getting a lot of crap and praise lately.

Long story short…She went to a convention to talk about women that go to skeptic type conventions and don’t want to be hit on by guys when they go.  She went to the bar and had some drinks and at 4am she headed up to her room.  Guy followed her on the elevator and told her she was interesting and would like to talk some more and invited her to his room for some coffee.  She said no and went to her room.  days later she posted a video going into more detail and explaining her feelings on the situation.  few days later people were bashing her and praising her.  Richard Dawkins chimed in and basically told her to stop her whining because her problems are nothing compaired to other women in the world.


She’s my feminist hero because she stood up for her self and said no.  She wants to get the male dominated community to ease up on the women because we go to conventions to learn and not be hit on. (Though some women think it’s a plus if that is a side mission)  We don’t want to be hit on all the time!  SO I agree with her on this point.

I do agree with Richard Dawkins because there are other bigger issues out there.  This problem isn’t that big of a deal.

Sara Mayhew retweeted a link today to a blog that was bashing RW for turning the guy down.  (Sara Mayhew is on RW side, FYI) They were calling her ugly, and not fuckable (excuse the f-bomb), and blah blah blah.  It was offensive to say the least.  the comments were ever worse. Here is the site:  “Up Yours, Rebecca Watson!” Jay Novella stuck up for his Skeptics Guide to the Universe Buddy which is awesome.

Now we don’t even know the guys side of the story.  He could have been really genuine and really did want to talk to her.  In this case she could have said something along the lines of “Not tonight, maybe tomorrow morning in the cafe”  Of course I wasn’t there so I have no idea what kind of vibes she was getting from the guy or the whole situation.

But I’m very happy with RW because she’s sticking up for herself and trying to get more women to attend these kinds of events.  I loved her when I saw her at TAM.  I love reading her Skepchick blog and I love listening to her on Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

This is a good reach out the community to just act human but it’s also a good example of  how somethings should and shouldn’t be handled.  that are more important things to cause a stir about than a guy hitting on you in the elevator.