Is Abraham a Schizophrenic?


The True Story of Abraham and Isaac – Friendly Atheist



This is soooo fantastic!!  The story of Abraham and Isaac is crazy to me.  Why would someone kill their own son just because a voice told them to?  I wouldn’t!  To hear voices telling them to kill someone is called Schizophrenia.

Plus why would a ‘loving’ god make you kill your own flesh and blood just to prove your devotion to it?  That isn’t loving at all!!

In my opinion god is very much bipolar.  He should really get that checked out and get on some medications to mellow out a bit.

If god is a woman, maybe she’s just PMSing and Abraham did something to really piss her off and told him to kill his own son.

Or maybe it was one of those funny dares between good friends of “You wont kill your son right now…” and Abraham was like “haha you wanna bet?  watch this!” and then god yelled down “No I was just kidding!  i didn’t think you would actually do it!  wow dude…”

Again why would a god tell you to kill your own child?  Maybe god just needed a ego boost and needed to be reassured that people loved him so he went to the extreme.

Well whatever his reason was still wont make me believe in him again.

Happy Monday everyone!


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