To speak or not to speak?


Some one has recently asked the local freethinkers group im apart of to siggest any students to speak about or feelings of redemption for the local university paper.  Me and one other person suggest they talk to the schools secular student aliance.  They then asked if that doesnt work would either me or the other person agree to the interview. 

Im not sure of the other person would do it so im wondering if i should do it.  I am a student at that university  and a member of this student club.  I want to do it but at the same time i dont want to make an ass of myself if i do agree to it.

Coming from a christian background i used to believe in redemption.  But now i dont.  I dont believe it is my responsibility to pay a debt for someone elses sin (such as the original sin).  One of the quotes that has been keeping me strong through this whole process is from Elinore Rosevelt(i think) “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.  I no longer allow anyone or anything make me feel guilty. 

So i dont owe anything to anyone becuase i dont have anything to be gulty about.  Even if i was guilty for something i dont feel like i would need to redeem myself to a higher being.  F that.

I would say something along those lines if i do decide to give this interview.  I think the interview would be conducted via email since he is traveling. 

So out of my readers out there should I or shouldnt I?  Give me your honest opinions.


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