Rebecca Watson is my Feminist Hero


Rebecca Watson has been getting a lot of crap and praise lately.

Long story short…She went to a convention to talk about women that go to skeptic type conventions and don’t want to be hit on by guys when they go.  She went to the bar and had some drinks and at 4am she headed up to her room.  Guy followed her on the elevator and told her she was interesting and would like to talk some more and invited her to his room for some coffee.  She said no and went to her room.  days later she posted a video going into more detail and explaining her feelings on the situation.  few days later people were bashing her and praising her.  Richard Dawkins chimed in and basically told her to stop her whining because her problems are nothing compaired to other women in the world.


She’s my feminist hero because she stood up for her self and said no.  She wants to get the male dominated community to ease up on the women because we go to conventions to learn and not be hit on. (Though some women think it’s a plus if that is a side mission)  We don’t want to be hit on all the time!  SO I agree with her on this point.

I do agree with Richard Dawkins because there are other bigger issues out there.  This problem isn’t that big of a deal.

Sara Mayhew retweeted a link today to a blog that was bashing RW for turning the guy down.  (Sara Mayhew is on RW side, FYI) They were calling her ugly, and not fuckable (excuse the f-bomb), and blah blah blah.  It was offensive to say the least.  the comments were ever worse. Here is the site:  “Up Yours, Rebecca Watson!” Jay Novella stuck up for his Skeptics Guide to the Universe Buddy which is awesome.

Now we don’t even know the guys side of the story.  He could have been really genuine and really did want to talk to her.  In this case she could have said something along the lines of “Not tonight, maybe tomorrow morning in the cafe”  Of course I wasn’t there so I have no idea what kind of vibes she was getting from the guy or the whole situation.

But I’m very happy with RW because she’s sticking up for herself and trying to get more women to attend these kinds of events.  I loved her when I saw her at TAM.  I love reading her Skepchick blog and I love listening to her on Skeptics Guide to the Universe.

This is a good reach out the community to just act human but it’s also a good example of  how somethings should and shouldn’t be handled.  that are more important things to cause a stir about than a guy hitting on you in the elevator.


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  2. My initial comment ran kind of long so I decided to make it a post. I don’t exactly share your fondness for Skepchick, it’s good to see someone not make a huge issue of it like most do. =]

  3. I’m with you! It’s not that big of a deal but everyone is making it big. I’ll continue on on your post. lol

  4. Just to be clear…it wasn’t Rebecca who was making a “big deal” of a guy hitting on her in an elevator. She was gently making the point to guys in the skeptical and atheist movements that if they wanted more women to attend their events, they might want to consider doing things like following a woman from a bar at 4am in the morning and hitting on her in an enclosed space from which she has no escape. While this might not bother some women, other women, particularly those with a history of sexual abuse, might actually be terrified by such an incident. By asking our guys not to do such things, Rebecca was giving our guys the benefit of the doubt – that is – believing that they are smart enough to see this sort of thing from another point of view. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for a fair number of our guys (not all of them, by all means). And Richard Dawkins didn’t help the issue at all.

    I had a friend who was raped at age 13 by the father of the kids she babysat. I had another friend who was raped by her fiance’s brother in the backseat of a car. Women are raped in elevators. Look it up.

    Rebecca did an interesting follow-up to this on SGU, and the guys expressed amazement in learning about the things that we women do all the time to reduce our chances of getting raped. Stuff we almost don’t even think consciously about any more. Rebecca made a point of saying that if she was going to go out for the night and knew she’d be walking, her choice of shoes is dictated by how far she might have to travel on foot. If a short distance, heels would be okay. If a long distance, flats – just in case she may need to run away.

    So, asking guys not to hit on single women in elevators isn’t a demand that they never flirt with us ever again. Just pick a place where the woman feels safe. That’s it. That’s all Rebecca was saying. Sadly, lots of people didn’t get it.

    That being said, I am pleased that, like the SGU guys reaction, there were a lot of guys in our community who did get it, who did indicate that they’d learned something they’d never thougt about before. THAT was very encouraging.

    • I just love her! I know I didn’t do the story justice so thank you for filling the blanks. 🙂 I also love that she is not backing down on this issue when so many are bashing her.

  5. they might want to consider doing things like following a woman from a bar at 4am in the morning and hitting on her in an enclosed space

    CRAP. Should read: “they might want to consider not doing things like following a woman from a bar at 4am in the morning and hitting on her in an enclosed space . . .”

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