Pardon the break


Hey guys I’m sorry I never posted on Thursday.  Life got a little crazy, but I’m back in the swing of things again.


Last night on the Discovery channel the show Curiosity premered. And it’s first show was with Stephen Hawking talking about the universe and basically that there is no role for a god in the creation of it.  I only saw bits and pieces of it since I had to get ready for todays events of work.  But I did get the very end of the show.

He went into detail of how there was no such thing as time until the universe came around.  Based on the laws of nature time could not exist.  That in order for there to be a ‘god’ to create the universe there needs to be a ’cause’ and the ‘effect’ would be the creation.  and in order for there to be a cause and effect there needs to be time.

It was a fascinating first show and I’m so glad they had this topic up first!  If I can find the full episode somewhere I’ll post a link to it.  I really do encourage you to watch it because it really was full of information and he put it into simple terms for not-so-scientific people, like me, can under stand.

So today while I’m at my day job I’ll try to hunt down the video and post it.

Here is the main page for the show:

Check it out!


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