A short rant…


“_________ was Chosen by God, Bought by Jesus and Sealed by the Spirit… I find my Identity in Christ!”

I have a lot of friends that are christian and it seems like even though they don’t know I’m Atheist they are posting sooooo many of these types of posts on facebook. It really does offend in a way because now that I’m on the ‘other side’ I feel like they are trying to shove god and christ down my throat. I know it’s all in my head but come on! I also feel like they are trying to convince themselves that some higher being loves them and actually listens to them. I do try to let it just go because it’s not right to be offended by something on facebook because it is just facebook.

I do have one christian friend that does read this blog (i think) so to her this isn’t directed towards you because you’re not one of the ones that posts things like this. =)

Does anyone else get annoyed with this type of thing?


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    • I just love that certain religions are allowed to say whatever they want but then shut people down for believing something different. yes yes I know that this is the way of the world, but it always makes me laugh when they do things like this. It’s funny that as an atheist I have to watch what I say when I’m around those who do believe in a god, where as they don’t have to watch what they say when they are around an atheist. But it can be turned the other way around. There will always be a catch-22.

  1. Maybe I just don’t have very many Christian friends. I don’t notice it very often on Facebook, except my sister going through her trying to be a good Christian now and again and I just ignore it.

    • For the most part I ignore them, but it seems recently there has been a lot more scriptures being posted. hmmm…

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