Stephen Hawking Explains the Universe


Stephen Hawking Explains the Universe

I’m planning on finding out what time this is coming on so I can watch this!

I really am curious to what he is going to say about how the universe came about.  It really is hard to wrap your mind around how something could have been created out of nothing.  This is the part that keeps me right on the edge of either being agnostic or atheist.  I would like to imagine that the rules of evolution apply to space too.

I really try to think about there being absolutly nothing at one time and then for some reason out of the nothing came something and that something became something else and so on.  It makes my head want to explode because it’s so weird to comprehend.

I guess because it’s so hard to comprehend the easy way would to put some kind of meaning to it.  And this is probably where the idea of a god or a creator came into play.  I remember getting into a debate with my middle school science teacher.  We were talking about the big bang and I asked the question “well who created the atoms that created the big rocks?”  I kept asking that just to ruffle the feathers of my instructor.

Like Hawking said they have seen particles show up out of nowhere during experiments.  So the universe could have just popped up out of nowhere.  I imagine this is still happening within our universe.  hmmm.

I must end this now before my head threatens to explode from all this mind wrapping.


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  1. I do believe that most likely, since the universe is most likely open, that the matter was created through quantum fluctuations and tunneling. I believe Lawrence Krauss spoke in this once… I can’t quite remember though…

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