On the topic of the cross at the twin towers..


As I was searching wordpress today I was looking for the tags of Atheist and Atheism and most of the blogs that had those tags were talking about the Atheists that are suing because they didn’t want a cross being the universal symbol of 9/11.

I completely agree because this is a issue for separation of church and state.  The museum that is going on the ground zero site is going to be partially funded by the government.  The fact that the building is funded partially by the government means that there shouldn’t be any kind of religious symbol as a national sign.  It’s bad enough that the 10 commandments are posted on a government building.

This has made me mad even before I came to realize that I was an Atheist.  I stopped saying the pledge of allegiance when I was in high school because I didn’t want to say “One Nation Under god.”

I can only imagine what our founding fathers would say if they saw that we have “In God We Trust” on all of our money.  They have to be turning over in their graves right about now, and I don’t even believe in Zombies!



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  1. You are correct. Another reason it’s definitely a bad idea (like you need another one) is that statistically, more than 6000 people died as a result of the twin towers being rammed into, there were definitely more than just Christians. I feel like it’s disrespectful to honor the dead with your own idea of what they should be honored by. I’m all for having memorial, just a secular one.

    • The Atheists even offered to pay for a secular memorial that would have been the same size as the cross! And people still had a issue with it! I did end up commenting on one blog post where the author was trying to say that we were the ones being intolerant. It’s the complete reverse! We are being tolerant, it’s people that the author that are the intolerant ones.

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