Welcome to my new blog!  I know that no one knows of this yet but hopefully someone will take interest and then share it with others

OK well let me tell you a little bit about myself…For now I will just call myself “A” which fits well because Atheist starts with “A” and low and behold so does my actual name.  And so does Awesome and Amazing, and Apple.  ok I’ll stop.

I was raised christian, baptized when I was 8 years old and started doubting god as soon as that happened.  I am now in my mid twenties and I’m just now slowly coming out as an atheist.

I feel liberated just typing it out for the whole world to see!  I feel liberated when I say it out loud to myself!


Both of my parents believe in god and so does my brother.  They don’t know yet about my beliefs and I’m really nervous about coming ‘out’ to them.  My mom is more ‘spiritual’ and my dad attends church every sunday.  My brother goes to church every once in a while.

I’ll tell my whole religion story in the “About Me” section.

This blog will be my thoughts and experiences as I’m coming out into the world as an Atheist.  I’ll post articles, YouTube videos, or anything else that I find interesting that is helping me in my journey.  Maybe I’ll even get a few friends to join in on this.

So to you readers out there that happen to stumble upon my blog welcome and I’m glad you’re here!!


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